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Animal Picnic (Spain)

Animal Picnic (Spain)

Animal Picnic (Spain)

ANIMAL PICNIC (Parquet, Einmusika, Spain)

Beginning at 24.00
Entrance fee: Free admission for women, for men – 250 UAH. | Facecontrol

Drawing its inspiration and filling your reality enthusiasm and emotion flight that reigns in their second home on the island of Ibiza, they know they need to learn the dance floor and create interesting sets, Pestryaev variety of novelties and Spanish tracks passionate submission.

They fly to us in great shape and with luggage new tracks, as in 2016 after the release of 3 very successful releases “Sinopsia”, “Euphony” and “Vortex” rushed up their career. Presenting labels Parquet, Einmusika, Animal Picnic match their trend, saturating his music and dynamic deep bass groove. Last summer, we have seen this on their own experience and on February 17, they return again!


17th February 2017 12:00 am


18th February 2017 6:00 am

Fees & Tickets


This event has no entrance fee

Event Venue


Parkova rd 16, Kyiv


50.4511866, 30.538091

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