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Kizomba appeared on the dance floor recently, but already won millions of fans.
This dance is originally from Africa. It seductive passion and burning plastic.
To date, worldwide there Kizomba Festival and inspired musicians creating music for dance naychuttyevishoho!

For 12 February some of the best teachers of Kizomba in Ukraine – Maxim Savenets and Oksana  Sidorska reveal the secrets of this dance and share invaluable

The program of the party:
18:30 Master Class – Kizomba Lady Style
Held: Oksana Sidorska
19:30 Master Class Kizomba Sensual
Spend Oksana Sidorska and Maxim  Savenets

Gorgeous Oksana Sidorska hold a master class Kizomba Lady Style!

Master class on Kizomba Sensual hold unbeatable and steep – Oksana Sidorska and Maxim Savenets!
Experienced trainers will reveal the secrets of this dance. First will work on basic technique, reveal the secrets of success in doubles dances, identify the main types of errors will show the original bonds (especially interesting to those who are dancing).

This simple terms, it is interesting and in the spacious hall of Caribbean Club!

Available for those who first attend a dance workshop.
But “the devil is in the details” – work on technique and error correction, this important work and for those who already know how to dance!

All guests will have more passion on the dance floor, more sensuality and sexuality!

All new knowledge you will be able to experience here on the dance floor.
From 20:00 to 23:00 you will kizomboteka of inflammatory Dj-mix.
Naychuttyevisha sexiest and music from DJ to help you uncover your heart and feel love.

If you feel that your life lacks romance. Maybe you always wanted to learn to roll dance move and captivate, the mm is waiting for you for 12 February in the Caribbean Club!

You have long dancing Kizomba, but outside their group and Dance Classes do not go. Rather the party! After partying in Caribbean Club – are new partners, new music and a good mood!


TICKETS: Gents: 100 HRN  Ladies Enter FREE

12th February 2017 6:00 pm

Fees & Tickets


This event has no entrance fee

Event Venue


Simona Petlyury str. 4


50.445146, 30.4989052

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