Dogs & Tails

Dogs & Tails

The main feature of the main dish – it is completely homemade bread that is baked whole and after cut into individual rolls (this helps keep it soft and airy), to the “uniform” of sausages that are prepared specifically for institutions (their then 5 types – pork, beef, chicken, crispy halibut and vegetarian sausages, tofu)

A snack Dogs offer not less than the original Viennese ballroom sausages in puff, vegetables with dip Goat cheese and yogurt, little blue eggs with white crostini (by the way, the snack greatly loved myself a chef), pâté of smoked fish and Mini corn dogs with mustard Dogs & Tails sauce.
All local products and ingredients, many are trying to prepare their own meals, in particular, the Greek halloumi cheese salad with colorful vegetables, avocados and seeds. Soups change weekly – from chicken curry with coconut and ginger soup to two hens. By the way, the menu is still a test, soon added hot dogs super-secret, as well as expand the range of biscuits themselves.



Shota Rustavelli 19, Kyiv


50.438354, 30.519548999999984



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