Drama and comedy theatre on the left bank of Dnipro

Drama and comedy theatre on the left bank of Dnipro


Other theaters of Ukraine, Kyiv Academic Drama and Comedy has a special place. The theater, which arose in the wake of the democratic changes in society in the late 1970s, is now a well-known and popular with viewers respected among experts. The first meeting troupe on 7 September 1978, and the first premiere – April 21, 1979 in the premises of the National Puppet Theatre at the address. Shota Rustaveli, 13 ( “The highest point – love” R. Fedenёva). The founder and head of the theater is unchanged People’s Artist of Ukraine Eduard Markovich Mytnytsky. At the origins of the theater also was a famous Soviet actor, Honored Artist of the Ukrainian SSR, winner of the State Prize of the RSFSR Paul S. Morozenko, who came at the invitation Mytnytsky from Rostov-on-Don, at the time having worked brilliantly theatrical four seasons in Rostov Drama Theater. Gorky (in 1976 Edward Mytnytsky put on stage Rostov theater play by Maxim Gorky “Zykov,” Paul Morozenko played play a major role – Antipas Zykov). S. Paul, as already mature actor with a name made a great artistic and social contribution to the formation of the young staff of the theater of drama and comedy. In troupe Morozenko worked until 1982 [1].

For many years the theater had its own premises. Representations were all theaters and in almost all cultures Kyiv palaces, including the palace “Ukraine” and the October Palace.
In May 1982, city officials gave the young theater building cinema “Space” on the left-bank array.

December 21, 1990 the show “I’m always yours Bride” by O. Ioseliani was officially opened theater building on the left bank.



Brovarskoy prospekt, 25, Kiev


50.4534862, 30.59942520000004



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