Drama theatre of Ivan Franko

Drama theatre of Ivan Franko

Opening of the first season of theater “Solovtsov” (so called building got the name antreprynera, director and actor Solovtsova MM) was held October 11, 1898.

And this time the spirit of true creativity does not leave him. You can not even list the artists that “namolyly” this temple of art, each named ¢ I – theatrical legend.

Ukrainian artistic elite, playwrights, scenographers, directors, considered and consider it an honor to be represented at stake Franko that city ¢ yataye and proud names Natalia Uzhviy, Ambrose Buchmy, Pauline exception, Yuriy Shumsky, Mar ¢ wooden Krushelnytsky, Olga Kusenko, Arcadia Hashynskoho , Victor Tsymbalista, Nonna Koperzhynskoyi, and many, many actors who worked for decades Theatre.

One of the general lines of the repertoire was and remains the work of national classics, works by T. Shevchenko – “Gaydamak” Lesya Ukrainian – “Forest Song” and “Stone host”, “Nedorosl”, “Moskal the Wonder”, “Aeneid” – the founder of modern Ukrainian literature Kotlyarevskyi. There were plays staged giants of Ukrainian professional theater of the nineteenth century – Starytsky, Kropivnitskogo, Karpenko-Kary.

With the first season of the National Theatre was Franko Ukrainian laboratory plays. Most Ukrainian classical drama nineteenth and twentieth centuries were pershoprochytannya their works at the theater Franco.



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