Feofaniya Park

Feofaniya Park

Park-monument of landscape art of national importance. Park “Feofaniya” ‘is the youngest and most promising destination for residents and guests of the city. The park is part of the natural – reserve fund of Ukraine, which is part of the global system of natural areas and objects under special protection.

The main purpose of its creation is the preservation and use of aesthetic, educational, scientific, environmental and recreational purposes most outstanding examples of park construction.

A unique feature that distinguishes park “Feofania” among others is the harmonious combination of pristine nature miraculous masterpieces of contemporary art landscape design against the backdrop of spiritual grandeur of St. Panteleimon Cathedral. This area is engineering its long history, rich in many religious events and is a unique cultural and natural features of formation of potential health, recreation, tourist attraction and religious center.

Here, where an atmosphere of complete peace and grace, you can endlessly enjoy picturesque scenery, forget about all the everyday problems and troubles. It seems a strange exciting aura that rages in the air, attracts lovers and adjusts to the charming romantic date. Having been in this paradise and feeling the breath of Mother Nature, is not just a desire to return to restore their vitality.



Akademika Lebedeva,Kiev


50.340489456300745, 30.486830547451973



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