Level Up

Level Up

Bar, with an emphasis on entertainment offers rest to complete 10 game rooms, a unique water pipes in a variety of interpretations, instant food, extensive proprietary bar card, good cinema, themed playlist and reasonable prices.

The institution is a space of 11 rooms, where the main – this is a common lobby area of ​​the bar-type, and 10 others – secluded room, designed for gaming, watching movies, hookah smoke and all that can be found in Level Up.

Each of the rooms is equipped with soft play area “at home”, plasma and all necessary equipment. The only difference between them – capacity (up to 4 people, 10 to 15). Immediately there is a non-standard option – to offer for those who want to “play together” – sex-room with a huge bed (by the way, perfectly suited for a romantic screenings, as an alternative to a crowded theater).



Mykoly Shpaka 8, Kiev


50.4588602, 30.430691300000035



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