Museum history of kyiv

Museum history of kyiv


“Museum of History of Kyiv” – a powerful museum and exhibition capital structure, which includes the main unit – Museum and Exhibition Center “Museum of Kyiv” and 7 branches.

The current exhibition was only a small part of over two hundred thousandth unique museum collections, the main value of which was precisely the overall integrity. Today the museum has a collection of more than 250 thousand exhibits the main fund consists of archaeological, numismatic, ethnographic collections, as well as thematic complexes modern period. Of particular value are Late Kiev attractions period (Cyril parking in Kiev), archaeological finds of stone and bronze age (Tripoli culture), Ukrainian scientists found during numerous archaeological excavations carried out on the territory of Kyiv. Among the unique exhibits – hammered copper and gilded sculpture of the Archangel Michael, the patron saint of Kyiv, which, since 1697, decorated the city council.
The collection exhibits the nineteenth century. represented not only documents, photographs, paintings, but also crafts things. This ware, bricks, tiles, furniture, carpets, clothing, musical instruments, cameras and more. Great value up portraits of figures of science, culture, art and ordinary residents who a hundred years ago walked the streets, lived there and worked exactly the unique image of Kyiv, who are proud of our contemporaries.
The museum, to date, continues to collect, study and popularize materials about the life of Kyiv and Kiev over the centuries.



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