Natural-science museum

Natural-science museum

The Museum of Natural History is a unified complex comprising 5 museums: the Geological, Paleontological, Zoological, Botanical, and Archaeological.

Museums was established in 1966. It is located in the heart of Kiev, in an antique mansion with expressive and remarkable architecture.

More than 30 thousand specimens which are exhibited in 24 halls occupying 8 thousand square meters illustrate the origin, structure and evolution of the Earth, its plant and animal life, its past and present, the history of the material culture of the tribes and peoples that inhabited the territory of Ukraine. The central place in the museums is occupied by a complex of dioramas: 30 landscape expositions and biogroups.

Zoological museum

Approximately 5,000 animals of 4,000 species are exhibited today in Zoological museum. It contains large collections of corals, insects, fishes, reptiles, birds and mammals.

The Zoological Museum is one of the oldest within the complex of the National Museum of natural History. Is was founded in 1919. Nowadays it occupies the entire 3 floor of the Museum complex. The exposition of the Museum is arranged in a long gallery and also in two halls — one hall displays birds and the other — mammals.

The exposition is arranged taxonomically. Its peculiar feature is the landscapes dioramas which introduce to the majority of natural zones of the world. Among the attractive exhibits one should mention a stuffed bison — this exhibit was made more than 200 years ago and is the oldest in the Museum; largest arthropod of the world — giant Japanese crab; the biggest bivalve mollusk — tridacna; giant Chinese salamander(180 cm long); Cuban whistler, whose size is about 1m (a special magnifying lens was installed so that one could easily scrutinize this tiny animal) and a living fossil tuatara — the lizard with the third eye, which has survived only on one of the reserve islands of the New Zealand.



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