Yacht Club Riviera Riverside

Yacht Club Riviera Riverside

In the center – an outdoor restaurant overlooking the Dnieper, yachts, Laura and Rusanivsky bridge. To emphasize the theme of water, the design used natural wood, ropes, steering wheels, rattan furniture and wooden chairs. Next to the main zone pulled the tent from natural canvas, highlighting the most space for receptions and parties.
The basis of the menu – grilled dishes, which are prepared in the coal oven Ceramic Big Green Egg. This grill and tandoor and smokehouse, and oven at the same time. Its peculiarity is that due to the high thermal insulation, dishes are juicy, retain vitamins and nutrients. A particular demand among the guests enjoyed rack of lamb, chicken, marinated in fruit mustard with fennel and mackerel with avocado and tomatoes.



Raisy Okipnoi 18, Kiev


50.4474542, 30.59096850000003



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