post-title Maidan – Indepence Square

Maidan – Indepence Square

Maidan – Indepence Square

Maidan – Indepence Square

The modern name of the area received after the proclamation of independence of Ukraine in 1991. “Maydan Nezalezhnosti” metro station was put into operation in 1976, it changed its name as well as the area. In 2001, the last renovation, the area is made: there are new unique fountains, sculptures, monuments and other points of interest. three lines of “Globus” a large shopping center built in the sanitized areas and underground space area.

Usually on weekends and public holidays in the area of ​​traffic is prohibited. At this time organize concerts, fairs, festive show. Scene Independence Square were many pop stars of the CIS countries and abroad. At the time of the European football championship EURO-2012 here was located the official fan zone of the tournament to watch football matches on big screens.

Sometimes the area is used as an area for political protests, meetings, actions will. In 2004 there took place the famous “orange revolution”. “Euromaidan” in 2013.

Every year, a few weeks before and after the New Year holiday on the area established the biggest Christmas tree in Ukraine, each time decorated differently.

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