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Frequently Asked Questions

Are taxis generally easy to find in the city, or do I need to call in advance for a taxi?

Indeed, almost every car in Kyiv is a potential taxi :) And there are lots of them on the road, so finding one in the city is certainly not a problem.

As for the registered ones, there are so many different companies here, that you will hardly ride in the car of the same company twice if you flag them down on the street.

There is no «taxi uniform». You will see cars of every colour, every class/type, with different signs. A registered taxi will bear a sign saying «ТАКСI» (taxi) and a company name and/or phone number. Those signs used to be of a yellow colour with black «chess board», but not any more.

As for the fair price. Indeed, most taxis don’t use a meter even if they have one. When you call a taxi by phone and ask for a ride from point A to B, the operator calculates the tariff, tells it to you in advance and the driver knows it when he picks you up. There’s no cheating on this.

In general, minimum distance rate is UAH 15-25, and the city ride tariff is UAH 2-3/km, depending on the taxi company. In winter tariffs grow up.

When you flag down a taxi, you should bargain the price before you get in. Get ready that almost no taxi drivers here speak English.

Mind that the taxis staying still near some «hot spots» - hotels, restaurants, sights, railway stations etc - have a minimum fee agreed on. So you will never be able to knock it down, it’s a guaranteed overcharge. Walk away from them and start flagging down those passing by and you will get more realistic price.

Have a safe ride! :)

How to use subway system in Kiev

Kyiv subway map in Ukrainian and in English can be found  here 

Subway-related Web-sites

Official web-site of  Kyiv Metropolitan (in Ukrainian) 

More info on Kyiv subway (in English) can be found here    

General Info

Kyiv subway system is represented by three lines, with both ground and underground sections, and includes 52 stations (as of Feb 2015).

It’s called “metro” in Ukrainian (ukr. " МЕТРО").

Operating hours: 6:00 to 24:00. Stations are opened some time before 6:00am for entrance (most are open by 5:45) and for some time after midnight for exit only (from 24:03 up to 24:40, depending on the station). Detailed operating hours for each station can be found  here (in Ukrainian) 

Average interval between the trains is 2min at rush hours, 10 min at late hours, and 5min at the rest of the day. Subway trains time-table for each line and station can be found  here (in Ukrainian).

What is Face Control?

Face control is practiced at the doors of many upmarket Kiev bars and clubs and is similar to dress code regulations enforced at many western clubs. The major difference is that visitors are judged by their attractiveness and what they are wearing.

Kiev City Guide advises to always look presentable when visiting the clubs in centre of Kiev. Sometimes it is a good idea to tip the bouncer at the door to avoid being left out from a fun night waiting for you inside.